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Manufacturing and DEVELOPMENT Solutions for All Industries since 1996

Partnering Pure-Logic and its Customers provides an environment where problem solving and cost reductions can be easily implemented.   We excel in working closely with our customers in an effort to find the most viable solution to resolve issues that arise during prototype and production levels of manufacturing.  


Equipped with state of the art CAD Software (SolidWorks) our engineers can conceptualize design solutions and generate 3-D Models for review in an expeditious manner. The standards for a design process include consultation with end users to maximize the effectiveness of resulting products.

Product Development and Engineering

Because of our manufacturing and engineering background in multiple industries, Pure-Logic takes into consideration the manufacturability, cost, durability, and overall functional requirements of a given product in the early stages of development. These considerations allow us the ability to offer our customers a well rounded support base for product development. This level of support is available from prototype to production levels.


Product Development

For customer specific needs regarding production planning and product delivery, Pure-Logic can work closely with customers to establish and manage a supply chain schedule to minimize inventory costs to customer.

Supply Chain Management

As part of our services, Pure-Logic can design and manufacture tooling to suit the needs of multiple industries. These services provide concept all the way through to functional testing.


For prototyping needs to prove out functional and mock-up models, Pure-Logic uses years of experience and ingenuity in order to produce product.  Inexpensive tooling technologies allow small runs of punched and formed components while minimizing tooling costs to customer.


Capabilities List

Our sheet metal fabrication capabilities are full service from flat pattern layouts to CNC Brake forming and assembly. These components and assemblies can range from high precision to commercial levels. Services also include brake forming, precision welding, roll-forming, shearing, rivet assembly, hardware assembly.


When flat patterns or 4th axis cutting are the requirement, we can help a customer with this stage of their production plan.  We can laser cut carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, plastics, wood, quartz glass, and many other materials including exotics. 

Laser Services

Equipped with state of the art CAM Software  and 5th axis machining capability, our programmers  can conceptualize tooling requirements and design solutions for fixturing and machining in an expeditious manner. The high standards for machining and quality allow for tight tolerances.

Machining Services

Along with all the above mentioned services, our strong alliances with specialty services vendors give us the ability to offer Full Manufacturing Capabilities. These services include Water Jet Cutting, Anodizing, Chemfilming, Electroless Nickle Plating, Powder Coating, Painting, Zinc Plating, Silk Screening, and many other processes. With all these combined services we are a “One Stop Shop” ready to offer Manufacturing and Design Solutions to all our customers.

Turn Key Manufacturing and Assembly

Manufacturing  *  Product Development

Innovation  *  Engineering

We are ISO9001 / AS9100 Certified